Our company’s first projects were in Western Australia’s mining industry where our main focus was on port development and the sea-side logistics chain. From those beginnings, demand for our services grew to encompass transhipment where we were involved with naval architects and materials handling specialists to develop solutions for improving environmental, operational and cost efficiencies in other mining projects in Australia. From this evolved a demand from other miners to ¬†review their sea-side supply chain and then from ports to review their marine operations and their land-side supply chains. Our strong operations background combined with the many innovations we have introduced (internationally) into maritime operations has also opened up training opportunities for us and we are engaged by Ship Management companies to run workshops for their officers. More recently, we have also been engaged to conduct operational audits on ships.

As we have grown we  continue to expand our in-house skills and knowledge base as well as form strategic alliances, as necessary, to ensure that the right skill-sets are applied to each project.

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