About Us

Marine Logistics Australia (MLA) was formed in 2011 by a team of marine professionals who identified the criticality of port developments and the importance of marine operations to the viability of mining projects.  There was a lack of appropriate marine expertise involved in the design and development of projects and this resulted in significant supply chain inefficiencies. Since our initial engagements within the mining industry, MLA’s services have been sought by the broader port industry and our services have now expanded to multi-commodity regional and city ports.  With this, our team has grown to include project development, engineering and regulatory personnel.

The MLA team has an impeccable network within the maritime industry, both nationally and internationally, especially within government agencies, port authorities and port service providers.  Our personnel have been responsible for introducing current best practice in port operations in Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to its core personnel, MLA has formed strategic partnerships with other organisations and associates to address the demand for a wider range of services.